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Coasteering cliff jumping devon


What Is Coasteering

In our opinion coasteering is the ultimate adventure sport. It's exploring a route around the coastline and making the most of the features we find. It is the best way to experience the amazing Devon and Cornish coastline.

Coasteering in Devon
  • Jumping into the blue seas 

  • Swimming and scrambling through caves

  • Climbs, better than in any climbing wall

  • Amazing scenery

  • A true sense of exploration and remoteness

  • Team work and shared experiences

Ansteys Cove Coasteering

Jumping is a big part of the trip for most groups. We will start you small, brush up on your technique and then take it from there. All jumps are optional.

Fun in waves at Tintagel

Waves and swell create amazing features for us to experience. Pour overs, whirlpools and rips. On the other side a calm flat day brings crystal clear water and sea life.

startpoint coasteering

Traveling in this environment is an adventure in itself. We will be traversing around islands, swimming through sea caves and finding our way through wave swept boulders.

What We Wear

We need equipment to keep us warm and safe in this rough environment.

We will provide you with a warm CSkins wetsuit, helmet, buoyancy aid and gloves to protect your hands.

You will need to bring:

  • Solid trainers for moving on the sharp uneven rocks underneath

  • Swim wear and a towel/changing robe

  • A sense of adventure

rough seas coasteering
adventure family


Who is Coasteering For?

We have routes to suit a large range of groups and people. All our trips are bespoke to your group so if in doubt, get in touch and let us know what your are looking for. 

Stag do coasteering in croyde

Coasteering is great for Stag and Hen Do's. It has adrenaline, water, adventure and plenty of opportunities to look daft in a wetsuit.

School group coasteering at Ansteys Cove

We have created our school trips to fulfil the criteria set out in the National curriculum and to help children of all ages develop team work, water confidence, problem solving and to give them a physical challenge. It’s also extremely fun!

family cliff jumping Hele Bay

Introduce your family to a great adventure this summer holiday We have trips across North Devon, South Devon and Cornwall so get in touch and we will advise you of your closest location.

Cadet group coasteering at Torquay

Our activities are challenging, fun and promote team work. We love working with youth groups and we can add some great adventures to your annual camp.

big wave coasteering in Tintagel

 Ideal for those looking for the next step in coastal adventure. Expect full day adventures in isolated areas guided by our experts. We will guide you around headlands, through caves and off the biggest jumps in Devon and Cornwall

How To Book

Please get in touch through the contact form or email us and let us know which area you are in and the date you would like to go and we will get back to you with availability and location options.

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