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coasteering guide course at Tintagel in Cornwall

Coasteering Guide Qualifications

The UK has several coasteering guide qualifications available but we felt that none of these quite met the requirements for what we ask from our guides. So we teamed up with passionate providers across the UK and Europe to form the Coasteering Guide Certificate. These courses can train and produce motivated, experienced and professional coasteering guides.

What Makes Our Courses Different?

Coasteering training in Torquay

Guide Anywhere

The aim of our courses are to produce coasteering guides who have the experience and skills to find, plan, assess and then run a coasteering trip anywhere in the Uk or abroad. Our focus is on the guide rather than on a site specific route, enabling a guide to take their qualification to work anywhere.

Rough seas on guide assessement

Course Length

Our Coasteering Assistant Guide Course is 4 days long enabling us to cover the many skills needed to work in this dynamic environment. This extra time is also great for building a varied and full log book. We usually get at least 6 different trips logged on our course.

coasteering guide assessment in Newquay

AALA And Insurance

Our guide qualifications surpass all the requirements that The Adventure Activity Licensing Authority and adventure activity insurance providers ask for. This makes for an easier renewal process for coasteering company's and its an easy way to prove staff competence and training.

Assistant Guide Course

You Should Do This Course To:

• Learn to enjoy coasteering safety with friends using best practise.

• To gain an international recognised certificate to prove knowledge and competence.

• Start on the path to become a professional coasteering guide.

• To provide a certified training course to be used for site specific sign offs for your staff team.

rough seas coasteering
coasteering training course in Torquay

This course aims to introduce you to the skills and knowledge needed to plan, organise and take

part in coasteering trips in the UK and abroad. After completing the course you will have

experience of mixed locations and sea conditions. It is a great starting point for those who wish to

start a career as a coasteering guide. This is the same course we deliver to the Royal Navy Adventure Training Team.


• Must be 18 or over

• Be in good mental and physical condition.

• Must be able to swim 50m, be water confident and have a good base level of fitness

Torquay Cliff Jump

Course Content

  • Behaviour and environment

  • Equipment

  • Planning

  • Communication

  • Sea Hydrology

  • Rope work

  • Rock Climbing

  • First Aid

  • Route Finding

  • Rescue and Assistance

  • Cliff Jumping

  • Freediving and Sumps

  • Sea Swimming

  • Route Finding

Cliff jumping training in Tintagel

Course Location

A big part of the course is exposing learners to different conditions, routes, rock types and environments. This starts building a varied logbook as well as getting real time experience of planning and then going on different routes.

To achieve this we use routes along the North Cornwall and South Devon coastlines for that variety. Okehampton is a great place to base yourself for the course as it's central to all our training sites and shared transport can be arranged.

We can tailor the course depending on the location of the group or even base it from your centre/area.

Course Dates 2023

Course Duration - 4 Days

Cost - £350

Trainer/Learner Ratio - 1:4


Feb 24th - 27th - Fully Booked

March 17th - 20th

April 21st - 24th

May 19th - 22nd

June 2nd - 5th

August 4th - 7th

September 8th - 11th

Big sea coasteering north cornwall

Guide Award Assessment

coasteering at hele bay, north devon

Guide Assessment

Once a guide passes our guide assessment they will have shown they have the knowledge, skills, decision making and

experience to lead groups anywhere of their choosing. This differs from many other coasteering qualifications which work on a site specific assessment. This is easier to obtain but less useful to guides who work several routes or for multiple company's. This course is available to anybody with the prerequisite experience

coasteering training in torquay

Personal Skills Assessment

The personal skills day is all about showing the assessor that you can plan and lead a challenging trip to a location you are not familiar with. You will be expected to pick a trip which includes swell and moving water where possible. The aim is to have a great trip while testing your personal skills along the way.

Group Trip Assessment

The group trip is all about planing and leading a fun safe trip for a group. This can be a group of friends or a client group. We can also help with organising a group for the assessment. You will be given an experienced assistant guide to work alongside you for the trip. Again we are looking for typical conditions which includes waves and swell where possible.

sea cave north devon


Candidates are expected to

have a wide range of experience with a mixture of personal and commercial trips in a variety of conditions and coastlines. Candidates should be familiar with rigging systems to aid in crossings, climbs and rescues.

The assessment is open to all so if you feel you have the relevant knowledge and experience to pass then get in touch to discuss booking a date or to chat about some additional training to touch up any skills.

daddyhole cliff jump
coasteering in big waves

Book Your Assessment

If you feel you have the relevant experience and prerequisites for the guide assessment then please get in touch to discuss your assessment. We work on a maximum ratio of 1:2.

Cost is £150 per person.

Sea cave in Port Gaverne

For more information including a full syllabus please get in touch.

Thanks for submitting!

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