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Coasteeirng for schools


We have worked hard to create three packages designed specifically for school groups. Our aim is to help teachers get what they need from outdoor education. We use coasteering as a tool to fulfil the requirements set out by the national curriculum and to give children a challenging but educational adventure in and around our beautiful coastline.

Expert Guides

Photos Included

From £30pp

Min Age 10

If your group are younger or not as water confident then maybe Gorge Scrambling is a good alternative. Our min age is 8yrs for the gorge and costs £25pp for schools groups.

Check out some additional activities that you could add to your trip.

School group having fun

Education Through Adventure

"take part in further outdoor and adventurous activities in a range of environments which present intellectual and physical challenges and which encourage pupils to work in a team, building on trust and developing skills to solve problems, either individually or as a group"

Adventure Coasteering

This package is designed to push young people’s boundaries in an exciting coastal adventure. We have set routes in North /South Devon and Cornwall which will encourage team work, positive peer support and water confidence. The course involves swimming, climbing and jumping along a section of scenic coastline. All our routes are set in stunning locations with caves and impressive rock features. None of the jumps are mandatory and we can set the challenge to suit your school or class.

Scool group coastering in torquay
School kids cliff jumping

Coastal Exploration

Explore the coastline with us. Our expert staff team will take your young people on a trip exploring the many features Britain’s coastline has to offer. We will search rock pools to discover sea creatures, eat seaweed and discuss the amazing rock features. We use coasteering skills such as climbing, swimming and jumping to access caves and secret beaches otherwise inaccessible.

Coasteering Classroom

The focus on this activity is to gain knowledge of the sea, coastline and what lives here. We take your school or class on a trip around fantastic locations and help educate them on:


  • Tides - We look at how tides work and how to read a tide timetable. All useful skills when living on an island.

  • Our Coastline - Britain's coastline is steeped in history and amazing geology.

  • Living Coast - We encounter all types of sea creatures and wildlife. Seals, birds and crabs are only the start.

Port Gaverne Sea Cave
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